6 Ways to Make the Most Out of Air Freight Shipping Costs

Air is a great solution. But it can come at a cost. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your air freight shipping solution:

Pick a good service provider

Shop around for a trustworthy service provider. That means you’ll need to be wise about picking the right one. If your service provider is continually late or charges a lot for hidden costs, that’s a good reason to consider other service providers in the field.

Double-check your paperwork

Inbound Logistics says to make sure your paperwork is in order. Any missing file or required document can only delay your shipment and compromise your delivery schedule. Make it a point to review those invoices and that your documentation is ready before you send that shipment out the door. That’s going to minimize delays and ensure you get packages delivered right on schedule.

Streamline your process

Look into the way you prepare and submit your commercial invoice so you can pinpoint weaknesses in the system. Don’t be satisfied with the way you’ve always done things. Check your processes for weaknesses and bottlenecks. Then find ways to adjust, improve or completely change the system to ensure better long-term results.

Know shipping do’s and don’ts

Before you send over that package to anywhere in the world, make sure you understand the shipping do’s and don’ts of the destination country. That includes checking if the package you need to deliver falls under the list of “banned goods.” If it is, secure the proper paperwork to avoid any delays. Determine the proper protocol for handling such packages and follow those instructions down to the last tee.

Go with small providers

Relying on the services of big shipping companies shouldn’t be your go-to option. Give small companies a try. They often provide better customer service, compared to what you get from huge industry players. If you need your shipping needs customized, then gie this a shot.

Track them down

Don’t forget to insist on visibility. Go with the air freight shipping company that offers you full tracking visibility. That way, you’ll know where your package is every step of the way. This makes a huge difference for your customers as well. Tracking visibility reduces customer anxiety and distrust, which helps you build a more credible and solid reputation in the business.

So if you’re looking for ways to make the most out of those air freight costs, give these tips a try.

Tips for Choosing a Parcel Service from India

Are you running a company that is considering beginning doing business overseas? Are you looking at doing business in India and taking advantage of all the wonderful products India has to offer? When considering doing business in India, you want to find a shipping company that can easily handle parcel service from India. Here are some tips on what to look for in choosing a shipping company to help with your business there.

Choose a Company with Experience

When searching for a company to trust with your products, you need to know that they know what they are doing and have the means to take care of your shipments. Not all companies have the experience needed to get your packages to where they need to be without delays. Smaller companies that have lower rates than the big names like DHL or FedEx, most often still have contracts with those bigger companies for handling freight. So if you trust a big company, but their prices are too high, try a smaller company that uses a bigger company and know that your parcel service from India will get your products where they are supposed to go, but without the big name price.

Go With a Company that Handles Everything

When you start out doing business in India, you will probably start with small shipments, just to see how things go and to get used to the process. You don’t want to start out with a company that really only handles small packages, those under 50 pounds, and then realize that you want to start sending larger loads because things are going well. Don’t limit yourself. Start with a company that handles everything from overnight documents to entire households. It may also be to your advantage to hire a company that also does packing and door to door service to and from India.

The Company Must be Worldwide and Customs Savvy

You should be sure to choose a parcel service from India that ships all over the world. You don’t want to waste your time with a company only to find they don’t ship to the locations you want to ship to or from. You also want to know that they know all of the customs regulations for places you will be shipping to. The last thing you want is for your goods to get held up in customs over a forgotten form.

Fastway Worldwide Express India has offices all over India to serve your business and has the experience and expertise to take care of all of your goods shipping out of India, whether they are going to Europe, the UK, elsewhere in India, or the USA. They do it through excellent customer service and fair pricing that won’t break the bank.

Save Your Back: Use Efficient Packers and Movers

Do you work for the military and are being stationed overseas, a student moving to another country for school, or an employee being relocated by the company you work for? Whatever the reason you are moving, everyone knows that it can be a huge hassle. Not only is it difficult to find the time to pack everything, if you don’t have a lot of experience packing and moving, you really don’t know what you’re doing and whether your things are going to be protected properly. When faced with moving everything you own, why not look into hiring packers and movers to do it for you and save yourself the hassle and the backache?

Moving is Stressful no Matter Where you’re Going

Moving your life to a new location is difficult to say the least. Uprooting yourself and all you own is stressful even with the best laid plans. Leaving behind all the friends you have made and everything that is familiar to you can be hard. You really don’t know what to expect in your new location – especially if you are moving overseas – things are going to be unfamiliar. There is the stress of a new job, finding and establishing a new home, finding new doctors, new neighbors, finding new favorite restaurants, and where the best places to shop for groceries are located. On top of all that you have to worry about packing up all of your things and worrying about them getting to your new location all in one piece.

Let the Experts Handle It

You can take one stressful thing off of your plate by letting the experts handle the packing. Hiring a company of packers and movers can eliminate much of the stress of moving. Professional packers do packing every day and so they have a lot of experience and know how to wrap things. They know what to do so that things are protected and safe from the jostling and bouncing around they will experience while in transit. They know from a great deal of experience, what works and what doesn’t. They know just how much bubble wrap to use on your Grandmother’s tea set so that it comes out of the box exactly the way it went into the box.

Use an Experienced Shipper

When choosing packers and movers you want to hire a company that has plenty of experience handling all types of cargo, including household goods, excess baggage, and all kinds of commercial products. Fastway Worldwide Express India has the experience you want for taking care of your household. They will come and carefully pack and ship your belongings to your new home and at a price that is reasonable. Contact them today for your next move.

Looking for Courier Service to India?

It used to be that getting products from one country to another was very expensive. However, with the world seemingly shrinking every day because of the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of products from overseas and shipping is becoming more affordable. Whether you are a business looking to export, or simply a private citizen who has family or friends in India that you want to send stuff to, you want to find a courier service to India that will fit the bill.

Products Not Available in India

With the wide use of the internet, people all over the world can see products on line and read raving reviews about the products, causing a desire to try them. However, oddly enough, many products that can be viewed online are not shipped directly by the manufacturer to locations overseas. This can prove aggravating to folks who want to try products, and may become regular customers, if they could only get the products. It might also be that students that have studied overseas and returned to India have favorite items that are only available where they were studying. So, the only solution to these problems are finding a good and reliable courier service to India.

Exporting to India

If you are an exporter and are beginning to ship products to India, you should start with a company that knows India, started there and has their headquarters there. Fastway Worldwide Express India has its headquarters in Bangalore, with other offices located in Mumbai, Delhi and other cities as well. So, whether you are an exporter or just sending personal items, Fastway has an office nearby that can handle your shipment with efficiency and care.

Full Service from Fastway

Fastway is a full service courier service to India. They handle all types of courier services, including everything from small packages to entire households. They will even come to your location and pack your items for you. They know everything there is to know regarding customs and getting your package through without delay. They offer door to door service and 24-hour customer service along with:

  • Online tracking service
  • Online payment options
  • Shipping globally
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unmatched reasonable prices
  • Insurance coverage

No matter what you are sending, Fastway Worldwide Express India will get it where you want it to go. They handle hazardous materials, food items, printed material, medications and electronics, along with other items that some couriers won’t take. Contact them today for a timely pick up.

Dump Your Courier Company for One that Gets the Job Done

Has your business fallen into a rut with the same old courier company? Do you simply keep using them because you are familiar with them and their people, their forms, and maybe even the pickup/delivery person has become a personal friend? You keep using them despite the fact that their service has been lousy? Well, you know that it’s time to cut the ties and find a company that is going to deliver the service you need to keep yourself in business. The other company will eventually get over it.

Accidents aren’t Always Just Accidents

Your relationship with the old courier company may have started out all rainbows and roses, but over the past several months, things have gone downhill. Your packages don’t get picked up or delivered when promised and maybe even your products have been damaged by careless handling. If you have filed several complaints and nothing has improved, it’s time to move on to a company that will provide the service that you expect and pay for. Sure, accidents happen, but when they continue to happen and nothing improves, it’s a sign that they aren’t just accidents. A service that was once very good can turn bad through changes in management and personnel, cost saving measures and many other things, but can lead to problems with personnel that are overworked or don’t care and are careless.

You Don’t Have to Settle for Poor Service

There are too many companies out there to choose from to stay with one that provides bad service. Whatever the reason for the service going bad, you really can’t allow it to affect your business. Products that don’t get where they are supposed to be or arrive in bad condition are going to reflect on your company’s reputation, whether you feel you are at fault or not. You hired the company, so it becomes your fault, and it’s time to make a change.

Hire a Reliable Company Doing Business in India

When you are doing business in India, there is one company you can rely on. Fastway Worldwide Express India does business worldwide, throughout India, in Europe, the UK and the USA. They are a courier company that has been in business many years and they know what excellent customer service is, and they provide it at very reasonable prices. The have offices all throughout India and the world and are ready to prove themselves to you. Contact them today.

Economical and Reliable Air Freight Services

Whatever the reason you need air freight services, you want to hire a company that is reliable and affordable. It is hard to find good services sometimes and you simply have to rely on online reviews and hope they are from actual customers. That is why it is important to look for reviews on websites such as Yelp or Google to try and get a well-rounded picture of the experiences of those who have used the service you are looking at.

Qualities to Look For

The items you want to send through air freight may make a difference in the company you choose. Some companies are best at simple courier services such as handling documents and perhaps small packages, while other companies do better with large packages and regular cargo. In addition, you want to be sure they will handle the kind of items you want to ship. If you have any kind of liquid deemed hazardous, they can only be shipped by land generally, but if you need to send them overseas, they will need special packaging and handling. If you are using an air freight services for shipping overseas, you want to be sure that the company you choose has experience dealing with customs, and knows how to get your items in and out without delay.

Experience Shipping Overseas

At Fastway Worldwide Express India, they have years of experience shipping items all throughout India, as well as overseas to Europe, the UK and the USA. They understand all of the customs regulations and provide door to door service for your items. They will even pick up and pack your items for you, so there is no hassle and you know that your items are properly prepared to ship overseas, safely and per all regulations.

Worldwide Service

Whether you are located in the USA, UK, Europe or within India, Fastway Worldwide Express has customer service to serve you and take care of your packages. Whether you are sending documents, gifts, excess baggage, or student belongings to university, they can take care of your needs. They have experience in providing air freight services to companies large and small and to private citizens just looking to send gifts, household goods, food, or other personal items around the globe. They treat your belongings like their own and do their best to assure that everything is packed properly and arrives in excellent condition, and at an affordable price. Contact them today for your shipping needs.

Fastway India Provides Courier from USA

Today’s market is more global than ever, and that includes being able to easily send items via courier from USA to locations around the world. Services from Fastway Express India make it even easier. Whether you are an Indian native needing to get your household goods back to India or are a company that routinely needs to ship things to India, we are here to offer you the best possible packing and shipping services.

We also can provide services for packing and shipping products to several other countries, so if you want to send somewhere other than India, just give us a call.

Fastway Express Uses Well-known Couriers

We can send your items via several kinds of shipping methods, including cargo, freight, air, ground or sea and often use name brand shipping services like FedEx, DHL and other well-known companies. Send us an email or call us at 1 800 103 8805, 24-hours a day for information.

We can even pick up your shipment right at your home or office and then deliver it door to door right to your intended recipient in India from the USA. We guarantee your items will be shipped carefully and securely and will give you a tracking number so you will know where they are at all times.

Fastway Express has a Great Reputation, Customer Service

If you want to send your precious items via a trustworthy company with a great reputation for courier from USA services, then choosing Fastway Express India will give you the best deal. We can send just about anything as long as it is legal, including food, medication, documents, letters, furniture, electronics, cars and more.

Some of the most commonly shipped items have included sports gear, household goods, food items and even excess luggage or baggage. Just call us for more information and tell us about the items you need to ship.

No Worries About Customs, Other International Requirements

Another great thing about getting courier services from Fastway Express India is that we handle all the needed paperwork for your shipment, such as customs, and any required special labelling. We also can handle the appropriate type of packaging, even if you are needing to ship some type of hazardous goods.

The bottom line is that it’s common for there to be a need for things to be shipped via courier from USA to India, and if you find yourself needing these kinds of services, then call Fastway Express India today.

Fastway Express Offers Parcel Service from UK

Ordering or shipping parcel service from UK is a popular thing to do with many people in India, and that’s why Fastway Express India handles so many packages and other items every day for their customers. They also handle shipments to 220 other countries worldwide. They estimate they handle millions of such shipments every year because they are very well-known and experienced in their field.

Fastway Express India can get your goods from the UK to India quickly and securely and within your price range. We can deliver it right to your doorstep and will even provide a tracking number so you can check the shipment progress online. Or, you can call customer service 24-hours a day at 1800 103 8805.

We Can Include Many Different Items

When it comes to using a parcel service from UK, Fastway Express India can handle anything that is legal to be sent, whether by a business person or an individual. Some of the common items handled every year include everything from food products to medications to furniture and electronics.

Any legal item can be handled within these packages and will be sent to your destination via the best transport, be it air, ground or sea. Talk to our experts today to discuss your packing and shipping needs in the UK and you will be immediately connected to the appropriate customer service agent.

Fastway Express India Trusted by UK Businesses

Business people in the UK trust Fastway Express India to ship out millions of items to their Indian customers. One of the reasons is because Fastway personnel are trained and up to date with all the appropriate packing, shipping, labelling and customs requirements. This is especially true if the business needs to ship out hazardous goods, as we know exactly how to pack them with appropriate packing materials and labeling so they get to their destination safe and sound.

Indian Consumers Want Goods Delivered in a Timely Fashion

Many people in India are getting in on the craze for things like new iPhones or fancy laptops and tablets. With Fastway Express India parcel service from UK, they can be assured that they can order these hot items and get them in a timely fashion. They have learned to trust the reputation of Fastway Express India and are pleased with the friendly customer service staff.

So no matter if you are craving some sort of UK tea or food product, are ordering a new iPhone or just need to send a regular package, trust Fastway Express for all your parcel service needs.


It’s Easy to Send a Parcel to USA via Fastway Express

If you are a student living overseas, or perhaps you have relatives living in the USA, then you may have a need to send a parcel to the USA, and Fastway Express India is one of the best places to go to for shipping.

Fastway Express India has years of experience handling shipments to the USA for all kinds of products, from food to medicines and even larger shipments, as well as letters, documents and gifts. If you need to get something shipped to the USA or elsewhere, let us be your first choice.

Parcel to USA Can Be Sent via Air, Ground or Sea

No matter if you have a personal or commercial need to send a parcel to the USA, Fastway Express India has a service that fits your needs. We offer courier service, as well as cargo and freight services. For example, if you are moving to the USA from India, we can pack up your entire household and get it to the USA for you easily, and within your budget.

Today’s world is more global than ever before and Fastway Express India offers a safe, secure and trustworthy way to get your items shipped to the USA. As long as your items are legal to ship, we are standing by for your business 24-hours a day!

Fastway Provides Packing, Shipping and Tracking

We are the leading premium express delivery business in India and can provide not only shipment to the USA, but also shipment to and from many other countries. We also pack your items and give you a tracking number that you can check online so that you will know where your things are in the transportation process 24-hours, seven days a week, 365 days a year. We are trained and knowledgeable in all of the necessary packing materials, labelling, customs requirements and more.

Get a Quote Online Today for Packing, Shipping Parcels

It’s easy to schedule parcel to USA services by requesting a quote from our online site, calling our customer services office at 1800 103 8805, or sending us an email. Then, get a free pickup scheduled to take your items, pack them up, transport them to your destination and make sure they clear customs and get right to your doorstep for your recipient.

All in all, Fastway Express India is one of the most well-known and prominent packing and shipping companies to hire for parcel to USA services. Contact us today at 1 800 103 8805.

Trouble-Free Relocation Packers And Movers Service

It is possible to find a variety of well-known movers and packers in almost any location. These companies know how to provide quality service that you need, making them cost-effective, safe and fast. Reputable moving companies can help you relocate your home for a job or any other reason. They employ people who are trained to handle antiques, large items and more without trouble. If you’re planning to move, you should hire relocation packers and movers because they will make the move stress and trouble free.


It may not seem like it, but when you hire professionals, it can save you money. They understand the sensitivity of your items and will pack them properly for the move. They’ll get them from point A to point B with no trouble, so they are ready to unpack and put where they should be. If you were to do it on your own, you could break the items or pack them incorrectly, so they break during the move. This way, everything is safe and ready to go into your new home.

Safety And Speed

Moving is a stressful time for your family because you’re put on a timeline that has to be met. You’re selling your current home and planning the move to another city, state or country. You are in charge of foreseeing everything from packing correctly to hiring a moving van and more. It is much easier and safer to hire relocation packers and movers because they will handle all that for you. Of course, you still have to determine what is going to the new place and what is donated or thrown away, but they can help with packing, moving, and shipping of your items.

Since it is their job, they’ll be faster at it and can get things done promptly. You are likely only to be able to pack on the weekends or after work, but they can come in and efficiently get everything packed in a day or so, depending on how much stuff you have.

Customizable Plans

Many people think that the service cannot be changed. For example, they may only need someone to pick up and move the items or may only need help packing. While you may choose to have them handle everything, you can have it customized to fit your particular needs, such as having them pack and store the items until your new house is ready.